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1st Post Ever! Welcome.

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hello everyone,

I really really want to thank you all for taking time to dive into my life. The picture below is how I wished I really looked right about now during this COVID-19 quarantine madness. However, I want to welcome you all to the blog portion of my site of course. I will use this to share pieces of my life that you don't get to see on Instagram, Twitter or any other social media... exciting right? LOL. I will discuss my experiences with celebrities and interactions at the latest events. I will even open up my travel, dating, fitness and family life to you all at some point. Hope you enjoy! :-)

BTW.... it's Day 108,654 of quarantine and the city seems to be opening back up. My birthday is June 1st so the countdown begins! 21 days!! Should I throw a quarantine party?

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