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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! What an honor to be able to pop off the month of June every year. Mine was the 1st of the month (you know...when rent and all other bills are due). AND!!! This year, we're also in the middle of a pandemic in addition to fighting for justice and equality. It's unfortunate that police brutality has gotten to this point. I decided to make this birthday about the culture. Every year, I throw a huge, glamorous bday weekend filled with parties, liquor, and laughter. That definitely wasn't necessary this year. I'm praying that everyone stays safe out there... and keep praying. "This too shall pass."

Here are some really cool images from Day 2 of the protests in Atlanta:

@fieldsvision/@torreyallenphotos took these btw! He's awesome!

It wouldn't feel complete if I didn't get out there and get some good coverage right? I wanted to not only live in the atmosphere in that moment. I wanted to give others the opportunity to share their experiences and emotions during this difficult time. Check out the testimony of a young caucasian male who explains why he cancelled his mom.

I will also be sure to update the blog more often. Feel free to dialogue with me on here. I would to respond to your thoughts.

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